Border Quilt

Border Quilt


The Border Quilt is a quilt of two sides. On the 'front' a simple freeform patchwork frame in soft pink and blue shirtings against a background of palest grey textured linen. Hand quilted Baptist Fans fill the centre, the patchwork border is quilted in straight lines whilst concentric semi circles fill the outer background. In contrast to the neat front, the 'back' of the quilt is a riot of scraps in pinks and blues, for when your space needs a little something extra! 


At 75 inches (190cm) square the Border Quilt easily covers a double bed (with overhang on the sides).


Front, back and binding made from linen and cotton. Fully hand quilted with cotton sashiko thread.


Wadding: 70% recycled cotton/30% recycled polyester.


Care: machine wash cool and line dry.