Patchwork Painting B

Patchwork Painting B


Patchwork Paintings are opened-ended textile pieces made from plant dyed linen, cotton and silk. Entirely hand pieced, with topstitched seams on the front and unhemmed outer edges.  They can be framed, hung on the wall, used as a table mat or incorporated into your own work. 


Measures approx 9 x 8.5" / 23 x 22 cm square


Shipped folded - press to remove creases.


A note on plant dyed textiles:

Plant dyed fabrics are inherently less colour and light fast than their chemical counterparts. The transience of these gently luminous colours is part of their beauty and any gradual fading will not detract from the integrity of the piece. 


You can prolong the intensity of your plant dyed pieces by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Should they need washing, hand wash with a gentle detergent in cool water and air dry.