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Elli Beaven creates quilted textile pieces of all kinds under the name Wholecloth Studio.  The name references a passion for waste textiles of all kinds and follows the rich history of scrap quilt making with a commitment to truly using the whole cloth.  Fabrics are offcuts sourced from garment makers or interior designers, ends of rolls, dead stock or repurposed clothing, each bearing traces of its own story. Sometimes these are then dyed with local plants, adding layers to the narrative of each piece and introducing a uniquely luminous colour palette. Each piece is created in response to these endlessly varied textiles as part of a process-led creative practice that emphasises play and experimentation.


Originally from the UK, Elli is now based in rural Galicia, Northern Spain. After three and a half years working from a sailing boat whilst travelling from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, she now enjoys stitching each piece from her relatively spacious home studio. As well as an online shop with finished pieces and PDF sewing patterns, she offers online and in person workshops on a range of topics.  She also welcomes commissions of all sizes. You can find her book, Conscious Crafts: Quilting (August 2021) in most bookshops and can keep up to date with the latest news on her Instagram feed or via her email list (subscribe below).

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