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Quilted textiles bring so much warmth to a space, whether as sound absorbing wall hangings, cosy bed or throw quilts or to add splashes of colour and texture as table mats or cushions.   Commissioning a piece is a great way to create something that really fits you and your space.  I welcome commissions for pieces of all sizes, from mini mats to  full sized bed quilts and everything in between.  You can email me at or use the contact form here.


The commissioning process is always a dialogue, in which my design aesthetic and practical skills meet the requirements of you and your space.

Below are some of the things we will discuss in the process of developing your bespoke piece:

 Size and Use

What are the size requirements and what will it be used for - hung on a wall, spread on a table or used on a bed or couch?

Colours and Design 

Is it for a particular room or colour scheme? Do you want it to incorporate any special textiles or clothing of your own? You might have an idea of the design you'd like or this could be something that we work on together.

Timeline and Price

Quilt making is a slow and labour intensive process. If you require a piece by a specific deadline be sure to include this in your initial enquiry.  The time it takes to complete each piece, and therefore also the cost, varies enormously depending on the size and amount of detail in piecing and quilting. Below are the starting price points to give you a rough idea.

Mini Mat/small Patchwork Painting (ie 30 x 30cm) - from £50

Small Wall Hanging/Cushion Cover  (ie 50 x 50 cm)- from £100

Wall Hanging/Baby Quilt (ie 80 x 80 cm) - from £250

Throw Quilt/large Wall Hanging (ie 120 x 120 cm) - from £450

Single Bed Quilt (ie 140 x 200) - from £750

Double Bed Quilt (ie 200 x 200) - from £1000

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