Can you repair uPVC windows?

We’re experienced in mending cracks, holes, scratches, scuffs and staining to uPVC window frames, avoiding the need for expensive repairs. Our UPVC restoration service will create specialist, long lasting repairs which blend seamlessly into the rest of the frame.

How can I tell if my double glazing needs repairing?

There are a number of signs which will show you that your double glazing needs repairing. Firstly, the window will be draughty with air flowing through the frames. There may be chips or cracked glass. Condensation may build up between the glass panes, meaning that the window seal is broken. Finally, you may see water leaks through the frame.

What types of glass do you use in your window double glazing repairs?

We source our glazing from the UK’s top glass manufacturers. Our range of glass options includes top quality energy-efficient glass, self-cleaning glass and acoustic laminated glass for areas where noise reduction is an issue.
Consider the type of glass used in your windows and doors. Often it’s better to spend a little more and invest in good quality, energy efficient glass. In the long run you’ll save on your heating bills.

Do you receive a FENSA Certificate when you have your Double Glazed Units replaced or repaired?

Only when a window is completely replaced, which includes the frame and the glass then a FENSA Certificate will be provided with that installation. A repair to the window or glass replacement does not require a FENSA Certificate, but we always adhere to FENSA Guidelines.