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Large Huswif Sewing Case

Large Huswif Sewing Case

Large size roll up sewing case of my own design based on a 19th Century hussif carried by soldiers and housewives alike.  Hand quilted patchwork outer, two pockets for scissors and threads on the inside and two wool felt patches for needles/pins.  Wadding is either cotton, cotton/bamboo blend or washable wool.  Each one is unique, with options including plant dyed patchwork, vintage kimono silks or colour blocked linens.  Prices vary according to the complexity of design and type of textiles used. 


You can also join an online workshop to make your own (available dates listed in the Workshops section of the shop) or purchase the standalone PDF sewing pattern in the For Makers section of the shop.


Open measures approx  6.5" x 12" / 16.5 x 30 cm


Care: Handwash cool and dry flat. 


  • Plant Dyed Textile Care

    Plant dyed fabrics are inherently less colour and light fast than their chemical counterparts. The transience of these gently luminous colours is part of their beauty and any gradual fading will not detract from the integrity of the piece. 

    You can prolong the intensity of your plant dyed pieces by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Should they need washing, hand wash with a gentle detergent in cool water and air dry.


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